Intimacy: Sensual Body Exploration

Married Couple

Married Couple Kissing

Exploration of each other’s body can be a very erotic arousing ‘event’. We often think of foreplay in narrow terms (i.e. oral sex, kissing, caressing, etc.). Foreplay can be as brief or as involved as time, attention, and energy allow. While open to modification and personalization, the following would be a basic example of this sexual foreplay technique.

You and dear spouse are naked on a comfortable surface. Candles should be lit and a mood music playing. You will need a good massage/body oil. It is best to have a body oil that doubles as a lube (some heat up when blown)! Feathers, a massage candle, and a blindfold are good props also. The goal with exploration is to be attentive to parts of the other spouse’s body not normally attended to during intercourse. The backs of thighs and knees, the small of their back, feet, hands, bellies, arms and other parts may be prime candidates for this focused attention. Pre-think which parts will receive your attention.

In exploration, run your hands (or he for you) across their entire body. Do it slowly and be firm. The pads of your fingers should create indented strokes that are long and even. Avoid touching his penis or her vagina. This will help build arousal.

Use appropriate amounts of body oil or hot wax to effect a sensuous massage. If using warming oil, blow on body parts to create the warming sensation (chest, inner thighs, buttocks). Spend time sucking fingers (before applying any oils). Suck them slowly pulling them in and out of your mouth in a ‘come hither’ way. Make frequent eye contact unless you’ve decided to use the blindfold. Audible cues can be just as enticing. Moan just a little or breathe a little more heavily!

Be sure to add extra touches, literally. Use a feather to provide a different sensory experience, covering the length of the body. If massaging their shoulders, you may straddle their back and brush your genitals along their lower back or buttocks. Wife, if your nipples are erect, let him feel that by leaning over as you massage him. Husband, if your penis is erect, run the head along the small of her back downward towards her buttocks.

Whisper in their ear. Make love to each other’s toes, knee-backs, or inner thighs with the tongue. Lick, slurp, and kiss to the genitals (but not touching).

Finally, the massaging spouse may lie gently on the receiving spouse’s back, genital to buttocks or genital to genital. Once both of you have worked up a sufficient ‘lather’ and are ‘ready’, let the natural compulsion take it’s course to the next logical step for both of you. The possibilities are many!

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