Touch Me Here

Giving your spouse a massage, stroking their erogenous zones, or simply caressing them may have an arousing effect on their own. However, when done during intercourse, the effects of these acts can become more physically significant.

Consider stroking your spouse’s genitals during intercourse to provide more stimulation. He can gently stroke her clitoris or she might hold the base of his penis. Use your fingers or a device. A well placed vibrator between you during intercourse can provide just the right additional stimulation to bring you to orgasm. You might also try giving your wife a back massage while penetrating her from behind. Likewise, the wife, on top, may massage her husbands chest and abdomen while he penetrates her.

Using a feather, you might dust edible powder over your partner’s body. Use long sweeping strokes along the inner thighs and other erogenous zones, gently brushing the genitals occasionally. Having applied the dust over the trunk of their body, legs and arms, lick your partner in special places to increase their arousal…and your own.

More fulfilling sexual intimacy does not focus exclusively on thrusting flesh while abandoning the rest of the body. There is nothing more intimate than the loving…and probing human touch.

Remember, simple material sensations can be props to arouse both you and your spouse during intimacy. Try using velvet, satin, silk, fur, feathers, leather and similar materials to find what works best for you.

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