Choices: Pssst, come here!

We’re a fragile little flower with a thick stem, you know? What does that have to do with anything?

We don’t know but it’s a great opening line, isn’t it? Seriously, we think everyone’s first name should be ‘Complicated’. When we introduce ourselves, we’ll be forced to say “Hi, I’m Complicated. Pleased to meet you.” This certainly would, at least, have us confront the reality and complexity of our existence. Be careful, our petals are delicately sweet but our pollen will stain your clothes!

Case and point: Mary walks into the pastor’s office without an appointment. She convinces the secretary to give her 5 minutes with him…and pastor consents. She’s very excited. “I’m getting married!”, she blurts as she enters in to see him. Pastor is startled at first, smiles and issues a courteous “…that’s wonderful news, Mary. Is it someone I know?”

Mary takes a seat, cups her hands, smiles, and answers, “No…but I want you to meet him, pastor. He is everything that I’ve been praying for…” There is something you (reader) should know about Mary’s new fiance. He’s twice married, has lost 3 jobs in the last 12 months, has 2 children by two mothers to whom he pays NO child support, and…well…he has a bit of an anger management problem. But, in all fairness, his probation officer is getting him into an outpatient program to deal with it.

Question: What do you think the next 3 years of Mary’s life are going to look like after this quick Vegas wedding (Oh, didn’t we mention that her pastor refused to marry them?). I think the last straw for him was learning that Mary had been “dating” (translate: fornicating) this guy for only 6 weeks.

Okay, we think we were talking about being complicated and making choices. Really, we are complicated because we practice muddying the crystal clear waters of options with a lust-filled agenda, self will, and dangerous denial of truth. For the umpteenth time beautiful, a thick penis, nice teeth, and great verbal (or oral) ‘game’ does not a relationship make.

Listen. He aspired to nothing when you started dating him. You were a one. One and zero are not 10. Hello! One and zero are just one. You get it? Think it through…think it through…  We’re just saying, hooking up with someone who has nothing, wants nothing, and values nothing…makes YOU a bearer of…(drum roll please?)…NOTHING!

My dear Mary, purpose in your heart to make a better choice!

Hey Ms. Complicated, he’s going to be father to your children. He’s going to reproduce himself–his values or lack thereof–through you!

We’re a fragile little flower with a thick stem! May we have your vote for Homecoming Queen?

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