Intimacy: Kissing

Do you feel as though you get enough smooches from your spouse? Do you get them long and wet, soft and sensuous or rarely and barely? How important is romantic kissing to you?

It’s important to my wife…really important. She really likes kissing. Why?
Kissing is sensuous. Kissing is intimate. Kissing is closeness. Kissing is trust. She likes slow hard kissing. That’s when you hold one another close and your tongues glide over each other’s. One of you withdraws their tongue and freshly plunges it into the other’s mouth. She likes playful kissing. It’s giggly pulling at each other’s lips and sucking them. It’s laughing and tickling one another as you break an embrace and then pulling back together for another go round… It’s pressing lips together firmly and gently sucking on your partner’s bottom lip while you smile. She really likes kissing.

She likes passionate kissing. This is an all out oral invasion that is just about the most sexual event short of genital penetration. It’s heavy breathing. It’s uncontrollable tongue twisting and head turning. It’s primal. It’s electric. It’s erotic. Few things are more intimate than a good kiss.

What about me? I like kissing sometimes. However, I do it more often than I naturally would…because I like her! And frankly, it is a gift of great worth to her and little expense to me. Beyond the flowers, candy, jewelry and other material offerings, what my wife really wants is me. The lover’s kiss is a singularly accessible and demonstrable overture of affection. The point of contact, whether lips or neck or shoulder, becomes ground zero for a veritable burst of intimate energy.
Kissing is good. Marriage is good. Life is good. God is great! Now, kiss me you fool!

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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