Wives: Increasing Your Sexual Passion

Passion is defined as the measure of power behind sexual desire. Wives, it is the measure of motivation produced by our desire that marks our passion. Some of us are more or less passionate than others and many factors make that so.

We may be tired, stressed, ill, have relationship issues or poor body image. Passion requires desire and desire can be depressed by medication, poor dietary habits, a burdensome daily routine or emotional disconnection in the marriage. We can recapture the ‘fire’ that fuels a passionate lovelife by being attentive to the simple things as we work our way through more complex issues. The following are (4) common areas upon which focus may yield great benefits.

Be sensual.

The ways we speak, dress, walk, and move can be expressions of sensuality. And we express our sensuality best when we feel best about ourselves. Treat yourself to sensual baths with sweet smelling bath salts or bubble bath. Soak. Wear nice lingerie beneath your clothes during the day…for you. Do it because it feels good on your skin and it enhances your internal sense of femininity. Affirm your own sexual self by rehearsing to yourself how beautiful you are, how great ‘a catch’ you are, and how blessed/fortunate your husband is to have you! These are simple ways to prepare ourselves for the day or evening…and feed our passion.

Be flirty.

Own the power of your sexuality to release the passion of it. In a healthy marriage, your husband is attracted to you sexually already. Enhance how he experiences you by recognizing the things you do that turn him on… Then, do them! Words of affirmation: You’re an awesome man! Acts of affection: Rake your fingers across his bare chest and smile. Deeds of daring: Send him a text at or from work describing a particular sex act that you know he likes. These are means by which we build anticipation for our husbands and stoke our own mental fires with regular thoughts about intimacy. The goal here is to condition the mind to think sex! The mind is the largest sex organ we have.

Be social.

A great barrier to increasing our sense of passion is the condition of being isolated from dynamic adult interaction. Wives who are homemakers or who work at home risk finding themselves in a social silo. Healthy adult exchanges keep our minds stimulated and help balance our perspectives of our lives and the world around us. If you struggle to maintain friendships, consider joining a local YMCA or gym, volunteering at a local hospital, taking a class at a local community center or junior college. Join a group at your local church or place of worship. The experiences will renew and invigorate you. The resulting energy gain will be fuel for your passion.

Be creative.

When the time presents itself for lovemaking, be sure to take your turn at creating an environment that is inviting and sensuous. Candles, music, whether the bed is prepared (if in the bedroom), lighting and other features of the space do matter. Consider wearing his or your favorite lingerie. Attend to the little things that you know will concern or distract you prior to your time together. Check on the kids, make sure that appropriate doors are locked or whatever else may cause you to mentally ‘look away’ during this time. Offer to prepare a warm bath for both of you then bathe each other. Your creativity may benefit both of you before the night is done!

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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