Fun Sex Is Good Sex!

A challenge many loving married couples encounter is that of expressing their desire for one another in a manner that promotes passionate physical intimacy. Certainly, years of marriage and caring for children produces a familiarity that dulls the senses couples once had toward each other. While we acknowledge there are many aspects of intimacy, emotion, mental, and spiritual, we’d like to spend a little time dealing with the physical aspect.

Sex shouldn’t feel like work. Fun sex is good sex. Exploration, humor, experimentation, and communication are essential aspects of a healthy and vibrant sex life. What follows is not about technique but a summary on how sex can be fun…not work. We encourage you to review this post with your spouse.

Sex is not a race. Take your time. Foreplay is essential to both spouses having an experience that results in orgasm. Typically, it is best to begin with slow thrusting movements. Heightened arousal will result in spontaneous quickening of thrusts. Of course, there are times when both spouses are sufficiently aroused and a ‘quickie’ becomes the ‘order of the day’. This is fine. Just know that you shouldn’t feel the pressure of having to ‘just get on with it’. Make sure that pleasure is in the plan.

Be comfortable with your sexuality. Don’t take it all so seriously. Neither spouse should feel as though there is pressure to perform. The gift of sex to the marriage bed is one of selflessness. This is to say, your focus is not on the act itself but the person with whom you are intimate. It’s okay to talk during sex, laugh during sex, and even to take a break from thrusting. Fool around a little bit. Touch each other. Explore one another’s body. You will find that, in certain instances, arousal is heightened during these times. Intimacy is communicated through more than just the mechanical act of intercourse.

Your spouse probably likes indications that you are receiving pleasure. Moan, sigh, or simply tell them how much you are enjoying yourself. Be specific. Tell them exactly what you like about what you both are doing. Talk to your partner about the kinds of things that most please you and ask them what most pleases them. Discuss this before intercourse, ensure you thoroughly understand and can accommodate. You will be a better lover.

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