Sex Life: What’s normal?

banner-coupleWe are often asked questions or confronted with couples’ dilemmas that touch on questions of whether their experiences are normal. It prompts the question’What is normal?’

More often than not, the question in play has to do with frequency and specific activities. You may have seen some statistics on areas such as the frequency of sex per week by married American couples (usu. 2 to 3 times per week). Some will write us and lament that they are onlyy doing it 1 or 2 times per week. In their minds, falling short of the average makes then abnormal. This is not how we should view our sexual experiences.

Two points:

Statistically, that average may be distributed over a large number of respondents. in other words, there were a number of respondents who answered zero times per week. Others may have said 7 to 10 times per week. The point is that normal is not quantified by the average but by the range of experience…whether you are doing it 0-10 times per week! If you are, then you are normal by that standard of measurement.

This leads me to the second point. We don’t define sexual normalcy by the behaviors of others. We define normal by what best serves our marital relationships. Sexual intimacy brings pleasure, brings us closer together, expresses want and passion, gives opportunity for selfless service and sacrifice and reinforces the experience of mutuality and trust in a unique way. It is intended to be a simple and pure experience. The degradation of the ideals of sexual intimacy notwithstanding, normal is what elevates our hearts, builds your our love and rewards our commitments to one another as husband and wife.

Go be normal!

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