This Hot Piece of Man

Spread out over our bed like the father of continents. Sufferin‘ sons of Saturn…if I ain’t tripped into a marvelous thing!

He’s not perfect…but he’s perfect for me. Kisses like soft quilt blankets wrapped carefully around my┬ánaked body, he’s got an embrace that transports me to a high place that overhangs the goodness in life and has me turn my back on the turmoil and tragedy…. Oh so sweet and decadent like a real piece of fine chocolate, he melts in my mouth and not in my hands. What a hot piece of man!

There’s a bio-rhythm (heart song) that I hear syncopated to the beat of my own as I lie upon his chest, my hands sliding across his glades and mounds. What sweet music we make…every rise and fall of it in staggered pace to my own makes us more complex like a symphony rather than the simplicity of harmony. More…he gives me more. More love, more grace, more deep churning decadent passion saturated with want and…may I just say…arousal. He brings me to the brink of spontaneous undulation and writhing when I think about his hot wet skillful tongue doing that which only his can. What a hot piece of man!

Thick ‘gams‘ spread ever so slightly across the sheets like mighty oaks in a distant forest. Makes me long for ‘burning wood’. Oh that my sensuality had a public license to express itself in the shadow of his wonder. This one who calls himself my love…my heart… I wish that I could say to you, with a clarity and realness sufficiently profound and articulate, just how maddening and heavenly this affection is. Has God set the whole of creation on the task of assembly to produce the richness that is him…for me? Great is this God, who heaven scans, to produce for me this…hot piece of man!

Hewn out of the rock of faith and fight, this intelligent, insightful Nubian guard comes to me and rests nestled in my bosom. His touch coarse and light, his look brooding and warmly familiar…makes me feel secure. The sound of his name spoken by other lips rings like new music in my ear every time and echoes in the lowest secret parts of me. Do you know what it is like to long and ache? Has want ever felt soooo good? My hand on the nape of his neck, my other perfecting my stroke…the ambient noise of hopes and joys falls quickly over the moments span. I must go now to ‘finish’…this hot piece of man! My husband.

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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