A Touch of Love

Nonsexual touch is an important experience in the life of a marriage.  What is nonsexual touch?  Well…it is touch that is not aimed at leading to sexual arousal or intercourse.  It is touch that is incidental, spontaneous and devoid of agenda…other than showing genuine affection and concern.

Such touch [goofy, I know!] contributes to a sense of trust, settlement and shared affection between two spouses.  And the effort is so minimal for such a great return.  Why not make habit those things that enhance our relationships?  To be sure, nonsexual touch actually contributes to a deeper sexual connection because the ideal of intimacy is less forced during physical union.  Intimacy can be a habit rather than a happening!

What acts qualify as nonsexual touch?  In my humble opinion…

  • Hugs
  • Kisses (mainly pecks, greetings)
  • Cuddling
  • Caressing
  • Stroking (arm, hair, neck)
  • Massage
  • Hand holding
  • Walking or sitting arm in arm

Clearly, there are other, more slight gestures that are intimate innocent touches which communicate what I described above.  What is important is to foster a relationship where closeness is not just about how we function in the bedroom but about the love offerings of our everyday lives!

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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