The Obama Effect?

Throughout the 2008 election season, I spied the Obama Mama monicker in many places.  These were mother, obviously, who supported the Illinois Senator.  It sort of occurred to me today that there is an alternative qualification for the Obama Mama’s Phenomenon.  I’ll explain.

There are types of sex.  Pity sex, consolation sex, we-haven’t-done-it-in-a-while sex…  There is also celebration sex [not to be confused with celebrity sex…different post].  Demography shows that significant national or global events are often followed by a spike in conception.  Right, great happiness and sadness result in lots of sex…and babies!

Clearly, November 4th and 5th were watershed days for many.  Depending on your political bent, you either needed consolation or were inclined to celebration.  No doubt, many husbands and wives found each other in the wake of the electoral victory of Presient-elect Barack Obama.

And in less than 9 months, I expect there will be a spike in new borns trackable to the night of these auspicious elections.

Those will be Obama mamas!  Is it possible that Michele Obama may be…nawwww!

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