Gettin’ Out To Get It On!

For married couples looking to improve their sex lives, creating special time together is a crucial factor.   Time spent simply and sincerely enjoying one another’s company endears the heart, promotes affection and builds emotional intimacy.  

As bonding with your spouse through fun activities is a proven boost to success in the bedroom, it is important to find common interests and go out together.  As the cost of living goes up, what’s the first area to suffer?  Our enjoyment fund, and hence – our sex lives!  Now more than ever, people are trying to look for ways to enjoy life without being sucked into the commercialization of sex and over spending.  However, you don’t have to sail around the world to have a good time.  There are always inexpensive local activities that that cost little or no money at all.

What are some ideas?  Of course, every couple is different in terms of interests and energy levels, but here are some great ideas to consider:

• Local music performances
• Street fairs
• Art galleries
• Museums
• Amateur comedians

Attending any of these will help you grow together and draw closer to one another.  You might even develop new common interests!  Just nod and say yes…

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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