God of The Ups and Downs!

God is love.  God created sex.  God loves sex?  No, not exactly.  To make that case, we would have to say that God loves eating, breathing or sleeping.  Doesn’t sound quite right…

But what we can confidently say is that God loves joy and He made sex joyous!  Thus, He is honored when our marriages include robust intimacy…celebratory sex.  The Song of Solomon is, by the writer’s own admission, the Song of all songs…right there in Chapter one and verse one…  Well, go ahead…read it!

There, you see?  The book lauds the quintessential intimate human relationship.  Taking us from courtship, through engagement, wedding, marital ups and downs, and a resolve to build a marriage…we see the benefits of strong communication, righteous commitment and a playful sexual approach to intimacy.  We see how the downs of ups and downs lead to stronger relationship.  Ups…downs? (Double entendre!) 

If the husband and wife of this sacred narrative can make passionate love ‘in the garden’, orally enjoy one another’s passion fruit, and talk about sex in her mom’s bed (What?)…then we ought to relax and release!  I’ll wait while you search frantically for that last part…[whistling].

I’m thinking of an interview with C.S. Lewis where he makes the case that a Christian author does not write about baking bread from a Christian perspective.  Instead, the author recognizes that faith practitioners and pagans both observe the same mechanics for baking bread.  What is distinctive about what Christians do is that we recognioze the ultimacy of God’s creative power and our products are reflective of His glory.  thus, we give the best.  Think about it!  Christians should be the best lovers.  No, don’t go tell your spouse to ‘get up and let’s do it for Christ‘.

Basically, there is no such thing as Christian Sex.  But there is great sex for Christians!  What?

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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