Waterproof Jack Rabbit

 Waterproof Jack Rabbit Vibrator Description:

The Original just keeps getting better, and better, and better!  100% waterproof for fun in or out of the water.  Provides clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously!  The playful rabbit with its synchronized rotating metals beads and reversing action has 3 speeds of vibration, 3 speeds of rotation, and one touch activation.  One touch control operation.  Very quiet.

EZ load battery case. 3 AA batteries required. 

Waterproof Jackrabbit Vibrator

Marital Aids 

California Exotics


Cover/Skin Material:
Polyvinyl Chloride

Color(s) available: Clear and Blue

Product Review(s):

“[I] have two rabbits.  LOVE them!!!!!  i have one w/the wires and one without the wires.  i would reccomend them to anyone!!!!” [The Waterproof Jack Rabbit is the more current wirelss version of the Original Jack Rabbit.]

“Yup! It’s totally worth having in your toy box.  This was one of the first toy my dh and I got.  We have had great fun with it.”

“If you love the bullet wait til you try the jack rabbit. It’s my favorite.”

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