Who’s In My Bed?

It’s just the two of you.  As Christian believers, we mustn’t compromise the principal purpose of sexual intimacy in marriage nor the demands of God on such.  From Genesis forward, it is clear that the ‘one flesh’ principle translates into the exclusive union of one man and one woman in matrimony.  Yet, many Christians struggle with keeping to this principle.

Our acceptance of the Bible’s model of marriage, one woman and one man for one of their lifetime, becomes our foundation for future choices in our marriage.  Let’s review some areas where this principle may give us direction.

In an absolute way, we would argue that the Bible’s explicit teachings on adultery, fornication, lust, and covetousness prohibit such actions as orgies, spouse swapping, threesomes and any activity that places someone else in a married couples presence during sexual intimacy. 

In our age, this principle would exclude us from using the virtual window of the internet to peer into the sex lives of others or share ours with them.  Beyond pornography, the World Wide Web is a place of vast video voyeurism where individuals exchange sexually explicit photographic or video images, watch or view others, and interact through chat rooms and discussion forums as means to stoke and host active sexual fantasies which promote imagined scenarios inclusive of others.  While couples rationalize this video voyeurism, it is nothing more than peeking through a technologically created window into the bedroom of others doing things that are meant to be privately ‘experienced’ by a husband and wife.  The sacredness and privacy of that physical union must be respected. (Hebrews 3:14)

It is imperative that couples avoid the inclusion of a fantasy life which imagines others in their marriage bed.  Jesus makes it clear in Matthew 5:27-29 that this fantasizing realizes sin in our life that is as real as having actually performed the extramarital acts we’ve imagined.  The harm done to the sacredness of the marriage may go unnoticed for some time.  Eventually, the little foxes such mental activities admit will undermine the strength of our union and expose us to relationship failure. (Song 2:15)  We must be careful to pay our sexual attentions exclusively to our mates. (Song 7:10)

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