More Veggies, Fewer Viagara?

Junk food is not good for your sexual response system.  Fatty foods are empty calories that may limit testosterone production.

Testosterone , estrogen and other hormone production must happen at certain levels to maintain libido or sex drive.  What we eat, drink and smoke can serve or inhibit that production.  A healthy diet aids our body working optimally.  Some of our favorite foods are main culprits in depressing our sexual response system.  And the affects of poor dietary choices are reflected in the rate of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart conditions experienced today.  All of these conditions and many of their pharmacological remedies further inhibit our drives.

Lifestyle changes for supporting the body experiencing low testosterone symptoms are regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, limiting or stopping alcohol consumption and smoking, and providing your body with important nutritional supplements on a daily basis.  See this Forbes article on their partner site, MSNBC, for more information.

The gist of this is that more vegetables may mean fewer viagara!  What?

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