Rejection: I Don’t Feel Like Doing It!

Have you ever just rejected a spouse’s initiation of sex without expressing a real reason why or giving an alternative time?

Resisting a spouse’s initiation of sex can be a dejecting and humiliating experience…especially if done repeatedly over a period of time.  A message maybe sent that you are rejecting them, that you are sexually unsatisfied, disinterested or worse…already satisfied!

Timing, communication, and perseverance are critical to avoiding the trap that many fall into…to stop asking or trying to make that intimate connection.  Sex threatens, then, to just be about function and nothing more!  Resentment builds and may spill over into other areas of the marriage becoming an unnecessary irritant to an otherwise strong relationship…sort of like a rash.

The next time you are approached for intimacy, don’t just snap “I’m too tired.”  Be thoughtful and careful to communicate your desire for your spouse and openly acknowledge that it is on you to ensure sex happens soon.

And here’s a controversial thought:  Maybe we ought to do it even when we don’t initially feel like it…sometimes?

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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