A Husband’s Prostate Massage?

Have you ever (or he) talked about a prostate massage?  The prostate is a gland inside the male body.  The prostate gland produces about 35% of the fluid contained in ejaculated semen.  Men can get great pleasure from having this area stimulated — often to the point of explosive orgasm.   The prostate is a sexual organ for men.

How is it done?  Lubricate one or two fingers, and, as your husband relaxes, insert them gently into his anus.   Go very slowly, and let him decide how fast and how deep you go.  Once your fingers are inside, curl them forward towards his penis, and make a “come hither” motion against an object that you will feel pressing against the rectum. Ask him how it feels. If it’s not feeling good, stop and move on to something else!

A word of warning, though.  If your fingernails are not closely trimmed, wear a latex glove and be doubly slow and careful as you enter.  An unprotected fingernail might cause a small cut in the tissues inside the anus.  While such cuts are rarely dangerous, they can sting for a day or two.  You can buy latex gloves — the thin, transparent kind often used by health workers — inexpensively at most drug stores.

Of course, any anal play must be followed up by thoroughly washing the hand used before using that hand anywhere else.

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