Making Time For Making Love

Aah, you remember when sex was frequent and fun!  Now it’s scarce and short!  What’s happening to our love-life?

What goes up, must come down.  Such is the case with libido and carnal euphoria married couples experience early in the relationship.  Some couples get a very brief period of the highs before life happens…and the lows roll in…

We must make time for making love and make making love a priority.  Okay, that was a mouthful!

How do you make making love a priority?  [Yes, I really like typing that phrase.]

1. Just do it.  Pull yourself away from the problems and demands that rob you of your time and energy.  Clearly, you can’t do that everyday.  But you should do it today.  Just do it.   Shh!  Stop arguing.  Find your spouse and get busy!  Now!  We’ll wait…

2. How was it?  Never mind.  Share affection with one another.  Make and take opportunities to share hugs, kisses and general face time.  Tell your spouse that you love them, what you love about them and compliment them.  For goodness sake…touch each other.  Touching matters and is a powerful communication of trust, desire and commitment.  Touch.

3. I’m not saying you are not a great lover.  In fact. you may be very satisfying to your husband or wife…but there may also be room for improvement.  Don’t go your whole life using the same warm up routine.  Our bodies change.  Our minds change.  It stands to reason, our sexual response systems may change how they react to certain stimuli.  Ask each other what works, what is desireable, what is needed.  Ask and listen to the answer.  Then…do it.  Then…ask whether you got it right.  Then…ask what else.  Get it?  Got it.  Gone.

4. Be tender with one another.  Understand that tenderness is not foreplay, necessarily.  There are time when you are just sweet for sweetness sake (fella!).  Appreciate the differences between sexual affection and intimate connection.  Sexual affection is about bodies colliding.  Intimate connection is about hearts and minds intertwining.

Express.  Caress.  Be blessed.

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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