The Itty Bitty’s Pretty Committee

Mom always says “All he really needs is a mouthful!” 

Hello mommas!  I know we can really obsess over our tatas, boobies, jugs…breasts.  Why?  Okay, your right…because perky does look better.  But future presidents, preachers and teachers have suckled at them.  Maybe hubby…anyway!

Size is relative and saggy is inevitable.  So…if you have them at all, be grateful.  So pull’em out now and shout out loud ‘Wee is great!’  Be a proud member of the Itty Bitty’s Pretty Committee!

In a world where larger automatically means better, wee matters too!  And no…I didn’t spell wee incorrectly.

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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