Wives: What To Do When On Top

Some (perhaps you) may be wondering ‘what in the world do I do when I’m on top‘.

The issues are how to move, what to do with the hands, how to know what’s working, and how to get pleasure as well as give.  Well ladies, I will say I think that woman on top (WOT) can be one of a wife’s favorite when done well.

Why?  With WOT, we control:

-depth of penetration (Hey, that’s my cervix drillmaster!)
-clitoral stimulation (Gotta push that button!)
-g-spot stimulation (over the lips, and away from the buns, watch out g-spot.  Here it comes!)
-speed of thrust and pressure of grind (Be careful, Tommy.  You’ll crush the kitty.)


Build excitement.  Don’t let him penetrate right away.  Rub your vagina gently along the length of his penis to stimulate both him and yourself.  As you move forward, lean down to get your clitoris the stimulation it needs.  Stop just as you reach the under part of his penis head.

Experiment with movement.  When you do allow him to penetrate, make it clear that you need to be in control.  Do it slowly.  At first, grind him.  Once he is fully inside you, just move your hips in a circular motion with your full weight on him.  Grind slowly moving your upper body forward and backward.  Pay attention to which gives you the most pleasure.  Alternate with the piston action, lifting yourself off of him such that his penis comes out and goes back in…  As he is fully aroused, allowing his penis to come completely out and then back in…is very exciting for him.

Change positions.  WOT is not just you sitting upright.  You can lie on top of him (reverse missionary style).  With legs bent or fully extended, place your hands beneath his back or buttocks and grind him.  Adjust your body so that, again, you are getting the stimulation you need.  Sit upright with your feet flat on the bed and legs fully separated.  Invite him to gently caress your clitoris as you grind him.

Hot tip:  In the same manner you would when you are trying to ‘hold your pee’, tighten your pelvic muscles.  He will feel it! 

Work it, girls!

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