Sexual Response Post Pregnancy!

We have corresponded with so many women who’ve had children and are experiencing a significant decline in their desire for and enjoyment of sex.  Is there a relationship between post-pregnancy and libido?  Where does the passion flame go?

The flame was evacuated with the placenta.  Get over it!So now you have to build another fire. Let’s do it.

What makes you feel sexy? If you can answer that question, do more of that. You can’t be the sexual person you want to be until you feel it on the inside. It is attitude, perspective and experience. Anyone who says having sex more makes you want sex…is deluded! Having good sex makes you want to have sex more!

Figure out what pleases you. You may think sex doesn’t appeal to you. Then, all of a sudden you are touched the right way and…BAM!!! The only way you CAN”T re-stoke your fire is if your situation is somehow physiological. We really need to consult our physicians about these matters. Often, the solutions are simple and can be remedied with natural and/or pharmacological means. Won’t know until you ask!

We’ve got a plethora of factors that kill sex drive (diet, stress, illness, medicine). If these things are not your cause, buy some candles, bubble bath, a great soft music CD and soft lingerie…for you. Hop in a hot bubble bath and soak for 45 minutes. Think about any outstanding sexual experiences you’ve had with your husband, touch yourself, arouse yourself…but don’t climax. Reawaken the ‘inner freak’.

This maybe one way. Not everything works for everyone. The goal is to educate yourself about your body, communicate your concerns and experiences toyour husband, and work together relentlessly to restore sexual intimacy to a level that satisfies you both.

Work it out!

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