Sex or Intimacy?

I suspect that many of us (guys) are more physical when it comes to sex.  I mean we are ‘inspired’ by the sensations and anticipation of gratification…in the nation…with a standing ovation.  Okay, so now I’m just being silly.

But, it is a widely accepted truth generally that men and women approach sex differently.  Certainly, our wives would have us understand that sex and intimacy are separate  ideas.   Simply put, sexual intercourse alone is the mechanical act and intimacy is its best lead-in and result.

If you’re like me, the sex part is cake-walk…acts like tender touches, acts of kindness, foreplay, and talking, may require a bit more effort and energy.  Having said that, the payoff is undeniable.  Nothing is more erotic that having dear wife (DW) all primed up and ready to go!

To be sure, men crave intimacy too.  It may look and feel differently to us.  But we’re both looking to experience and/or increase closeness on some or every level.

Don’t you think?

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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