Married Sex: Sex Trade

Maybe the simpler way would be to perform oral sex on my spouse if they perform oral sex on me.  It certainly absolves us of having to figure out if each is making an equal contribution.  Or does it?  Trade-offs  (I’ll do this if you’ll do that) may seem equal and fair.  In practice, each partner is prone to rule out anything that makes him or her uptight.   It is the way of things.

We are left with a limited repertoire that guarantees sexual boredom, not to mention score-keeping and resentment when one partner is less enthusiastic than the other about a particular foreplay or sex act.

Isn’t  it better to take the initiative and challenge yourselves to just try something new?  In so doing, isn’t the reward discovering new things about yourself and your spouse?

Quid pro quo [Latin: this for that] approaches to sex can be counterproductive.  They may come off as cold commercial transactions that exclude a sacrificial approach to intimacy that allows me to give myself to my lover without holding back for…compensation or payback. 

Isn’t there a fundamental danger in thinking ‘I’ll do you if you do me‘?

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One Response to Married Sex: Sex Trade

  1. crogalosh says:

    agreed that will turn it in to work
    making it seam like oh well i owe them something
    eventually the girl would feel obligated to give a blowjob
    if the guy gave her a back rub after a hard day this creates resentment its better to just give the back rub and not expect anything in return allowing the sex to feel more liberated and free

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