To Be A Better Man!

When I want to be a better man:

I acknowledge that my jobs, the places I’ve lived, and past relationships all have made contributions to my life that helped shape my character, views, and personality.  However, what defines me are my values, faith, and passions.  We lose ‘ourselves’ when we lose sight of those precious intangible things.  I can have a great job or career, awesome friends, and live in a great neighborhood and still be a deficient me.

When I want to be a better man:

I understand that the difference between who I am and who I want to be is measured by what I come to know and how I focus and refocus my faith from this moment forward.  I apply my realizations, inspirations, learned principles, valuable experiences, faith and hope to my current life.  If I am content to accept only the world I see or to defer into the future determining who I must be…each tomorrow will find me yet being a deficient me.

When I want to be a better man:

I accept that I must become more thoughtful, circumspect.  It occurs to me that my daughters and sons are inheriting a living demonstration of ‘normal’ from dad.  It gives me a sense of urgency to adapt and transform in ways that provide them a healthy emotional, physical, and spiritual model.  Truly, this is my no. 1 job as Dad and my wife deserves me living my best life.  And the man they see cannot be a deficient me.

The deficient mesettles for mediocrity, wallows in self-pity, excuses failure and does not regard success.  The deficient me is averse to faith and attracted to folly, unaware of the chasm between fun and joy, and is rich in aspiration though poor in innovation.

We all have to live life as deeply and meaningfully as we are capable.  We cannot be deterred by what cannot be.  We must be compelled by what has to be…us being a better us…you being a better you…me being a better me.

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2 Responses to To Be A Better Man!

  1. Kristy says:

    Thank you for this insightful and honest post. I can only hope that more men (and women) can use examples such as this to be more truthful and see that our children deserve so much more than what they are given.

  2. thepurebed says:

    Thank you, Kristy, for your encouragement.

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