The New White House: A Spring Kind of Love!

A Moment in Indiana

A Moment in Indiana

I didn’t vote for Barack Obama.  And yet, I can look forward to him becomin gour next president becuase…well, because that’s the right attitude.  Politics is not a sport.  The reality is that, win or lose, The U in U.S.A still stands for United.  And there is another reason…

As I check myself and ascertain what are the more obvious possibilities of O’s presidency, his marriage may figure prominently in the eyes and hearts of young people.  I think W. has a great marriage.  The Clintons?   Okay, they’re still together and look happy.  Who am I to judge?

But the  Obamas may promise something that has been missing for sometime from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, genuinely youthful love during a growth spurt!

Michelle Obama has commented candidly that her husband’s political career and the presidential campaign have stretched their relationship and caused a need for adaptation.  I believe her when she says that it has strengthened their love and family.  Challenge and struggle are valuable in that they can cause us to recognize our relational limits and grow beyond them…on purpose.  We’ll have to talk about that in another post.

When I see the Obamas together, I am moved by the gentle touches, the gestures of affirmation (fist pumps, etc.),and the kisses and caresses.  I like the common feel of her complaints about his socks on the floor and his ‘ahhh shucks’ facial reactions.  Is it political theatre?  Maybe.  but I don’t think so.

I think, policies and ideologies aside, there is the potential to give the world a perspective of marriage that speaks to its promises.  What are the promises of marriage?

Organic love that grows and blossoms.
Multiplied power of shared hopes and dreams.
The capacity of the heart to give and forgive.
Great moral beauty through acts of selflessness.
Love beyond the body into the spirit and soul.

There are more promises.  My point is that we benefit from the visual queues unwittingly provided by others who model the best of what we have or the hopes for what we desire to have.

I pray all the best for President-elect Barack Obama, his wife and his daughters.  I want them to succeed.  I need them to succeed.  Not just politically…but as a family.  the world doesn’t need a savior.  We’ve already got one of those.

It would just be nice to see love in the spring!  You know?

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