I’ll Do It Live!

“I’ll do it live!”  That’s what Bill O’Reilly said repeatedly in that very funny (tragic) archive video from his Inside Edition days.  He was flustered at not being able to get his lines right in a finishing segment of the show in which he was to introduce sting as the exit to the episode.  “I’ll do it Live..”, he screamed.  “[expletive], I’ll do it live!”  Bill demonstrates a life lesson for married couples.

When we don’t get the practice right, we often think we’ll get a better result when it is crunch time and we actually have to perform or produce.  We think we’re naturally inclined toward success and preparation is a barrier to a potential rather than a nurturer of it.  We think we are better than our current results and the future lives bright in our minds.  I’ll do it live!

Problem is…we play the way we practice.  I had a pastor who often said practice doesn’t make perfect.  Perfect practice makes perfect

I suppose we all have bad days where usually benign stuff get a volcanic eruption out of us.  That’s just frustration.  However, the reason some of our marriages go south is because we haven’t habituated (or practiced) behavior that will nurture success during challenging times of life.  If we rehearse positive behaviors and practices during times of rest, we can master them for times of unrest.  Couples who argue their way through small issues (rather than negotiating, deferring, and calmly communicating) are most likely to argue their way through more significant issues.   Combative exchange is normalized and exercised as a primary means of exposing opposition.  And without a thought, in the middle of a crowded shopping mall and in front of their children, there they go…playing the way they’ve practiced.  Doing it…live.

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