Low Cost Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

HeartsValentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a budget buster, come with diamonds or stress us out!  Seriously, the day is about love and committed people being together and celebrating their love.  We describe four low cost or no cost ideas for getting in some quality time on or around Valentine’s Day.  We’d love to hear from you.  Please reply with your ideas.

Winter Picnic

Lay out a nice blanket in the living room or any room with a fireplace.  Fill the room with tea light, votive, can, and/or pillar candles.  Burn a CD of some of both of your favorite love songs and have that playing.  The darker the room is the more effective the candles will be.  Purchase real or synthetic rose petals and spread them about the room.  Spray a little of your perfume or sprinkle a bit of his cologne into the room.   You have now created a lovely ambiance for romance.
Place your meal (something simple but satisfying) on the blanket.  Presentation is important.  You might want to use your best serving dishes for this.  Include finger foods such as diced/sliced passion fruit.  You can suck each other’s fingers as you feed one another these items.  Fill the room with laughter, recollection of fond memories, I love you’s, and other pleasant sounds…

When done eating and reminiscing, cuddle, kiss, and make love there.  Use the sofa cushions for comfort, if need be.

A Notable Meal

This is a simple but highly effective idea.  Have a meal at a favorite restaurant.  Once you are seated and are talking, pass him a piece of paper.  You will have written the following:

I love you.

While we are here, we will take turns writing what we like about our date tonight (today).  The one rule is that we cannot talk about this note during dinner.  Pass it back to me when you are done.


<You insert your first thing you like about the date to give him an idea of how it’s done.>

Write something like ‘You make me laugh.’ or ‘I liked feeling your hands on my back when we walked in…’  Once the dinner is done, tuck the note into your purse and save it as a keepsake of your special night with your special guy.

Spice it up.  Go to dinner commando (No underwear…either of you)!

A Valentine’s Spa Treatment

Again, fill the bathroom and the bedroom with candles, rose petals and music (see Winter Picnic).  Bathe and massage each other.  Determine who will get ‘the treatment’ first.

The receiving spouse will get into a bubble bath drawn by the giver.  As he/she soaks, the other will kneel by the tub side.  (Be comfortable.  Use a pillow for your knees.)  there should be fresh cut fruit and a refreshing drink for the receiver to enjoy while being washed by the giver.  After toweling off, a fresh bubble bath is drawn and the receiver becomes the giver and should only be wearing a robe (nothing underneath).

Once both have been fully bathed, both move to the bedroom (or another appropriate room) where full body massages are exchanged.  Each pays particular attention to the other’s erogenous zones.  Use fragrant aphrodisiac oils, lotions and or cremes.  Agree as to whether massages will end with ‘full release’ (orgasm) or lead into lovemaking or both!

Silly Putt-ee

Recapture your youthfulness.  Go putt-putt golfing together.  Take your time and enjoy just being together and acting silly.  Or, go to a local arcade or amusement park.  The idea is to create a carefree moment and be doting lovers and passionate friends!

What are some of your ideas?

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2 Responses to Low Cost Ideas for Celebrating Valentine’s Day

  1. An 8×8 http://www.CanvasPress.com canvas print. Up load a picture from your first date to their site, it costs $40. 8×8 is a good size for his desk at work, book shelf or bedroom night stand.

  2. thepurebed says:

    I visited the site! This is an awesome and low cost idea!

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