Libido: And She Prays To God It Comes Back!

As a stay-at-home mom and pastor’s wife, I have struggled with depressed sex drive at times in the past.  Child birth, changing or increasing life demands, normal stress, weight gain, weight loss, change of diet and other things all played a part in a depressed libido or low sex drive.  To regain my appetite, I’ve prayed and more…

So, what is the more that I’ve done?

1. I scheduled sex.  Though I didn’t feel like making love, I still wanted to please my husband.  Doing so pleases me.  I marked my calendar weekly and made sure I initiated something if he didn’t.  I arranged my daily schedule to leave myself some energy.

2. I exercised more regularly.  Sometimes it was biking, jogging or just walking through my neighborhood.  The physiological effect of exercise is to promote chemical responses in the body that trigger certain parts of our sexual response system…positively.  There is also, I think, a psychological component to knowing we are doing something that benefits our bodies.

3. I dressed better.  I noticed when my sex drive was down, I tended to dress down.  I was more inclined to troll about in old t-shirts and droopy sweats.  I didn’t feel attractive and it showed.  Not feeling attractive meant I didn’t feel sexy.  Not feeling sexy also influenced me not feeling sexual.

4. I admitted to my husband that I was struggling.  We are friends as well as lovers and parents.  Talking to him about it and what I was doing to address my challenges allowed him to be more sensitive to my moods and to make some changes himself.  Among those changes was him being more affectionate in non-sexual ways to reinforce the strength of our relationship and my perception that his desire for me was more than just physical.

These are just a few things and there is no science to this.  Books are written and advice (like mine) are given.  Really,  women go through cycles of ups and downs and the reasons are many.  Do what you can to give yourself the best chance to recover.  In some cases, you may need to consult your doctor.

Don’t be too shy to pray to God to help your sex drive.  He is there for us in that area too!

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2 Responses to Libido: And She Prays To God It Comes Back!

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  2. Audrey says:

    Great advice and God bless you for what you do!!

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