A Fox on the Vine

Song of Solomon 2:15 -“Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.”

At times, foxes would find their way into a grape orchard.  Consuming the grapes on the vine, they would spoil the crop.  Worse yet, younger foxes could not reach the grapes.  Instead, they would often chew the vines…spoiling the capacity of the farmer to grow.  Let’s talk about why porn isn’t such a great experience for our marriages!

It’s believed that the pornography industry (movies, websites, promotional material, etc.) garner as much as 100 billion dollars per year.  It is hard to know exactly because the companies are not publicly traded and do not have to accurately disclose revenue.  America is believed to spend the fourth most per capita on porn.  China, North Korea and Japan spend more.  With over 4 million websites dedicated to porn, they represent 12% of overall internet sites.    25% of search engine queries are for porn.  The average age of first exposure to on-line porn is 11 years old!

The little fox, cute and cuddly, doesn’t menace us as we see him/her in the distance peering at our fruit.  We assume it cannot harm us , will grow to become something more dangerous and is probably something to which we shouldn’t stand too near.  However, watching from afar can’t be all that dangerous.  Or can it?

We don’t know the real danger of the little fox until we awake the next morning to find it has chewed the vine just enough to threaten the ability of it to grow and produce more fruit.

So it is with porn.  We know well enough that addiction or dependence upon porn is unhealthy for us and our marriages.  However, we may feel that occasional peeks and special occasion viewing is harmless enough and a private matter that harms no-one.  Then, we awake one morning to find that intimacy in our marriages is becoming a foreign experience.  There is passion but no compassion.  There is innovation but not creativity.  There is lust but no communication of love and devotion. 

We can tell when the little fox has crept in because of the  concerns when husband announces he wants to ejaculate on your face, bind you and spank you with a paddle or dear wife’s hinting at inviting her best girlfriend to join you both for a special birthday treat.  Couples become unable to produce a way of intimately expressing themselves without referencing the pornographic images emblazoned into their sexual psyche with the durability of rancher’s brand.

The ability for our marriages to produce the sweet fruit of mutual trust, honor and service is compromised when our awareness of sexual norms is informed by the superficially self-centered affectations of pornography.  The industry preys on our latent desire to ‘feel’ good without constraint or measure.  Pornography asks us to suspend our consideration of what is in our marriage’s long term good for an immediate personal physical (or emotional) high.  And great is the fall!

Pornography invites us to simulate the imagination of others rather than a righteous exploration of what promotes the pleasure of our spouse, what exploits the measure of our love, and what expresses the depth of our devotion to one another. 

When God created sex, He gave us supplementary parts (genitals) and complimentary hearts. 

Porn costs…in so many ways.  Love is free…but not cheap!

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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