What Would the Child You Were Think of The Adult You’ve Become?

I read this question in a discussion forum.  It was submitted by another blogger.  I didn’t even open the topic.  The question itself is powerful and inspires, at least, a moment of circumspection.

How would you answer the question?  Here’s how a few others answered it!

The question:

What would the child that you were think of the adult you’ve become?

Here are answers from some other folks:

  • honestly i think the child would hate the person i have become…..[expletive] i hate the adult i have become…LOL i am working on that though”
  • “I think the child me would hate the adult me. I sort of “sold me out” so to speak. I was gonna be so different and didn’t come out that way LOL”
  • “I think she would be shocked that I am no longer a tomboy boy hating bookreading loner. I think she would be proud that I decided to have a child and would encourage me to have another. I think she would be happy that I completed one of our dreams, to become a teacher, and would encourage me to pursue our dream of seeing more of the world.”
  • “I think my child would be relieved that she overcame the bad stuff and that everything was FINALLY okay and she could stop worrying about everyone else. ”   

  • “thanks for at least trying…”   

  • “I think she would be proud of me being a mother, surprised I married so early, dissapointed at some of the choices I made, and she would tell me to take a chill pill!”   

  • “OMG what the hell are you doin with that guy?  lol. ”   

Many of the answers were raw.  I included just a few here.  I believe when we look back on our lives, we think about the choices we’ve made and the results or consequences those choices produce.  We think in terms of images as well as words.  Perhaps we measure the quality of our present lives too heavily on our greatest successes or most impactful failures.
It is interesting that so many answers about what a child would perceive is about moral judgements.  Is this really what a child’s eyes see?
Jesus says to His disciples that they must allow the children to approach Him because they are the best representation of what it means to be like Him.  They are innocent, ready to love and willing to hopefully believe for the best…even when surrounded by the worst!

How would you answer the question?


What would the child that you were think of the adult you’ve become?

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