Bedtime Routines

In support of your resolution to improve or enhance your love life this year, we will make recommendations for simple changes in practice or behavior that may increase your opportunities for success.

Consistent with our commitment, we would like to call your attention to your bedtime routine.  Most often, spouses are making love in the evening before bed.  The reasons for doing so are practical.  The little ones are put to bed and, typically, fewer interruptions can be expected.  Night time just seems to be the right time!

It may be best, then, to adopt a routine between the two of you maximizes your ability to make this time quality for emotional, spiritual and physical intimacy.  The following are areas of consideration.

Go to bed at the same time.  What more basic prescription for optimizing interaction at the end of the day than ensuring you are in the same place at the same time.  Late night TV, reading, internet browsing and talking on the telephone can be barriers to regular intimate time spent together.

Share words briefly before bed.  Avoid heavy discussions.  If you haven’t resolved that financial issue by bedtime, it’ll keep!  Use these intimate moments to share a high point of your day, how you feel or view a current news event, your thoughts on a scripture you’ve been considering or your critique of a book you are reading.  Intimacy is closeness.  Closeness is letting each other in…

Share touches briefly before bed.  Kissing, cuddling and short shoulder massages are ways to make physical connection, communicate affection and just be tender with one another. 

With the observation of these behaviors and practices, you might note the ease with which you make the transition to sexual intimacy.  Sex doesn’t have to be reduced to chore, obligation and duty.  It can be a natural and desired expression of love, trust and attraction.

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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