Married Sex: Sizzle to Fizzle?

Like the marriage itself, the sex life of a married couple is organic. Our interactions begin one way and often end having gone through a series of trials, changes, events. Over the course of our marriages, the priority of sex may be downgraded. Alone, this is not necessarily a negative occurrence. The challenge is that intimacy may fall victim to routine. In other words, we may go from sizzle to fizzle with no intervention by either spouse. How do you know when you’re married sex has lost its…humph? Ask yourself the following questions:

Has sex become a chore?
The growing demands of life has you squeezing in sex when convenient OR doing it to get it out of the way.

Has sex become the same routine each time?
You rub, kiss, have intercourse then go to bed. There is little or no passion for you and you know exactly what move comes next…little variety, surprises or anticipation exists.

Have we stopped considering how to please each other?
You may know how to get one another to orgasm. However, you may have stopped asking and seeking different ways to excite and arouse each other. When you are making love, are thinking of each other? Or is your mind wandering or worse yet…dependent upon sexual fantasies of others to get you through it?

Have we stopped being affectionate?
Kissing, playful touching and sexual banter outside the bedroom are preludes to a rich sexual experience in the bedroom (or wherever you make love). When we stop kissing and affectionately interacting with one another, it is a sure sign that sexual passion is waning. This alone may not be an issue. Sex is everything. The issue is that affection transmits a degree of relationship-comfort, the assurance that a spouse is still in love and committed to the other. It is an investment in the trust equity that marriages build up over time.

Are we consistently ‘too tired’ for sex?
Yes life gets busy. Yes, we can only do so much before we have no more to give. It is equally true that we find time to do those things necessary for our survival. Is sex necessary for the survival of your marriage?

It takes team work to restore the steam, spice or sizzle to your sex life. And sex is just one part of a passionate marriage. If other areas of the relationship suffer (time spent together, communication, vision for your family’s future), then sex may suffer. Have you ever looked at a friend’s marriage and thought “why can’t we have that?”

Well, momma use to say “Grass always looks greener in other folks yard. If you water your grass, it’ll be green too!”

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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