She’s Initiating Sex? Oh my!

How do we initiate sex without just saying ‘Are we going to do it or what?”  <sigh>

Sexual intimacy can be enhanced by the subtle gestures and tender words shared between a husband and wife who are deeply committed to one another.  It can also be enhanced by more moderate or, even, more aggressive acts that clearly demonstrate our level of desire.  It’s about communicating a mood when we broach the subject of wanting to do the do.

As a girl, I was trained that the man should take the lead.  The teaching was unqualified…so I took it to mean sexually also.  These many years later, I better understand the concept of partnership…particularly in the area of sex.  As a married couple, we’re a team.  Each member of the team makes a contribution.  We have to learn to move the ball before we can put in the whole.   Ooooooooooooh…

How might I initiate sex on a given night?

Level 1 Mild (Initiate through innuendo or visual suggestion):

1. A surprise passionate kiss followed up by a ‘come hither motion’ with your finger.
2. Flirtation.  Batting eyes, sly smiles, biting lower lips, and backing into the bedroom with your eyes locked on his can sometimes be enough.
3. Lick your lips and raise your skirt to a high point on your thighs without showing everything.

Level 2 Moderate (Above plus minimum language):

1. A surprise passionate kiss while cupping his buttocks in your hands.
2. Flirtation:  No. 2 mild plus squeezing your breast or running your hands up between yours or his thighs to promote arousal.
3. No. 3 mild plus have no panties on so that he catches just a bit of pubic hair.

Level 3 Wild (All above plus):

1. No. 1 mild plus slipping your hand down his trousers to fondle his manhood or rubbing his crotch area.
2. No 2 mild plus tweaking your own nipples and rubbing yourself…daring him to finish the job!
3. No. 3 mild with no panties saying something like “I’ll lick yours if you lick mine!”

Of course there are any number of things that can be said to ‘kick off’ intimate lovemaking.  The key is to mix things up and stay out of the rut, right?

Okay, go move the ball!

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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