Turn That Off…And Turn Me On!

Are we in a generation where technology is becoming a buzz-kill to marital intimacy?  

Plasma screen TVs, video game consoles, ‘crackberries’ (we mean Blackberries), online discussion forums, Twitter and other technologically propelled distractions are causing the world of virtual reality to impinge on our collective sexual reality.   Might we be sharing intimate parts of ourselves with faceless strangers with names like NoDairy805 or Zanespoopscooper…and not with our spouses?  The anonymity of online discussion forums and chat rooms seems alluring to many who divulge information, admittedly, they haven’t even shared with those closest to them.

Anecdotally, many spouses, men and women, are reporting that when it comes time to rollover and utter those famous words (Are you in the mood?), the person lying beside them is furiously pecking out email responses on a PDA, enagaged in a live chat on their laptop, engrossed in a Wii game or watching an enhanced version of Vertigo from the ON Demand menu of their Satellite/Cable provider. 

I was recently asked whether technological advances have added to the quality of our lives.  I don’t know.  These ‘advances’ may lead to longer lives…but not better lives.  They make music louder, clearer…but not necessarily better.  Technological advances improve systems and make processes more efficient but they can’t fix people.

People are prone to following colorful lights and shiny balls.  Our imaginations will lead us to marvelous places.  However, we run the risk of being led away from even more marvelous people. 

Don’t be distracted by the things in your life.  Turn them off…and turn your spouse on!

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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