The Tongue: The Gap Between Exercise and Ecstasy

The tongue is a masterful lover’s greatest tool…well, perhaps their next greatest tool.   The texture and movement are but a couple of reasons the human tongue becomes a powerfully useful tool to a married couples intimate experiences.

It is not the degree of wildness that makes a dynamic love-life as much as it is the thoughtfulness and effort made by each spouse to deliver a great experience each time lovemaking occurs.  It is what we do with the ordinary that makes it extraordinary.

During oral sex, the manner in which the tongue moves makes a difference in terms of how the receiver experiences it.  Using the tip of the tongue provides a more rigid, perhaps darting, experience…more teasing.   Curling a tongue is a technique employed to create a sensation of suction.  A dry tongue on your spouse’s erogenous place will feel differently than a wet tongue.  While these points may seem obvious, using this knowledge during a sexual experience can deliver a sense of variation to an otherwise ordinary act.

While kissing, your tongue maybe used to probe the roof of your spouse’s mouth, lick their lips, flicker the tip of your tongue wildly against the tip of their tongue, or explore all of the parts of their tongue.

Whether you are kissing one another or providing some other orally related pleasure(s), be assured that how you use your tongue bridges the gap between exercise and ecstasy!

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