Morning Wood: Man At Rest!

Morning wood is the state of penile erection many men experience upon awaking each morning. Those in the scientific establishment prefer to use the scientific sounding moniker of Nocturnal Penile Tumescence. Or NPT for short.

A healthy man may experience NPT as many as 5 times during the night.  Test have shown that these erections coincide with REM (dream) sleep. 

An unchallenged assumption may be that we are having dreams that are sexual in nature resulting in nocturnal arousal.  However, this is very well not the case. The male symbol of horniness may be routed in something much less salacious and much more natural.

REM sleep is known to be a deeper for of slumber.  There is a level of relaxation bordering on paralysis.  It is the sleep that leaves us feeling much more rested in the morning.  The condition we know as erection occurs when a vessel in the penis is relaxed enough to allow increased blood flow into the member.  As the vessel fills with blood, the penis is brought to a rigidly upright position.  Men will know this erection to be stiffer than the usual erection brought on by conscious sexual arousal.  It is so rigid as to often make early morning urination…quite the challenge! 

This ‘early morning wood’ may very well be God’s own design for an on-board checking system to ensure or demonstrate the state of things.   It has been found that men who suffer from some form of erectile dysfunction still experience NPT.  It is some indication of whether the condition is psychological versus physiological.

On average, a man will awake to this condition most of his life.  The early morning erection, though disassocited from any sensual experience in initiation, does promote a desire once he becomes alert.  That man is prone to consider sex twice a day…once when going to bed and once when rising from it!

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One Response to Morning Wood: Man At Rest!

  1. Ahem, brushing aside the God reference, let’s just call it the body’s natural stopper. Since it’s nearly impossible to pee with a full-fledged stiff one, the body is merely capping the flow until it’s time to wake up. I can’t recall a morning woody for any other reason.

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