Retrosexual.  No, this is not merely the oppositie of the metrosexual male: one who pays particular attention to his appearance and is ever ware of new trends in style.  Yes, this is any man or woman who embraces what are contemporarily known as traditional values.  They are focused on building strong families and strong interpersonal relationship with others.  While they will reward themselves, retrosexuals like to live simply and wholesomely.

A retrosexual wife loves being Betty Crocker in the kitchen and Betty Boop in the bedroom (it’s all about the images)!  She’s a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.  Her life is a mix of old world family values and a modern energy to do things creatively exploiting modern tools…even sexual tools.

Likewise, the retrosexual husband eagerly applies himself to the traditional provider/protector role.  T-shirt and jeans clad, his interest are as simple as his values.  He likes his tools charged and reliabale.  He applies the same approach to his sex.   It’s not terribly creative but it’s hard working and high energy sex!

Retrosexuals may seem closed minded…but that’s only because they are being careful not to let odd things…slip through their cracks!


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