Orgasm: How You Get Her There…

All women are not equal!  Calm down.  What I mean to say is that there are unique aspects to each of our wives, fellas.  Those aspects must be acknowledged and respected as we interact with them sexually.  Some wives want a consistent quality in their sex lives.  Whether it is constant verbal affirmation and words of affection or to experience a certain technique(s), we come to recognize and respond to such expectations and to read moods for certain special treatment.

However, there are three things which are true more often than not.  Understanding and respecting these areas will move us closer to getting our wives to sexual climax consistently.

1. Security.  She needs to know you love her, desire her and are willing to give…as well as get. This is about how you treat her outside of the bedroom as well as in the bedroom.  Foreplay is as much listening to her tell you about her day (and showing genuine interest) as ‘playing’ with her body.

2. Patience.   She needs touches that she would like…not necessarily touches that you would like.  Our (men’s) skin is typically thicker than that of women.  As such, we respond to more aggressive and direct strokes or physical contact.  We also are more prone to chasing the late stages of the sexual response system, climax and resolution.  This is also known as orgasm and going to sleep!  Our wives constantly tell us that they need more from us in the earliest stages, desire and excitement.  This is also know as initiation and getting her wet!  Both of our needs, once met, produce an overall higher quality experience.  Take it sllloooow.

3. Environment.  Candles are great.  Music is good.  But all the ambiance in the world means nothing if she’s afraid the kids are going to bust in on you or that the dog still needs to be put out (brought in).  Helping to bathe the kids, wash the dishes, playing with the kids while she takes a nice hot shower, taking out the trash, straightening the family room (living room or den) or any tasks that need to be done…is foreplay!  It is relief that possibly becomes an investment with payoffs later in the evening.   But let me be clear, this behavior will backfire if it is always about sex.  We change the environment in the bedroom when we act consistently outside the bedroom to show we care and are dialed-in to the family life.  Do what you can when you can!

Love her.  Touch her.  Support her.  And watch her orgasmic response.

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

2 Responses to Orgasm: How You Get Her There…

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  2. Great article! Husbands, love your wives…

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