Happily Never After

According to a study published by the Parents Television Council, major network prime-time scenes depicting sex between unmarried people outnumbered depictions of marital sex at a ratio of nearly4-1.  Adultery references outnumbered marital sex references at 2-1.

The conclusions one may draw from these narrow facts vary.  Certainly, prime-time television typically targets the 18-49 year old demographic to maximize potential ad revenue.  It’s a business thing, you know?   I also get that TV execs don’t own the job of policing what our children watch on TV.  Yes, that’s a parent’s job.  The old African adage that ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ notwithstanding, parents nurture their kids in large part by the experiences (TV shows) they allow…even when that allowance is passive inattention.

However, it isn’t just the children who are affected by the negative projections of the state of married sex.  Despite studies consistently alluding to the contrary, married sex continues to be portrayed as boring and a casualty of matrimony.  Unfortunately, we are susceptible to believing so much of what we see.  TV doesn’t always mirror reality.  Sometimes…TV creates reality.

Changing our national perception of what sex can be in marriage may require monitoring what we allow to influence our judgements of it!

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