Tragic Magic: A Distortion of Beauty (See Video)

The woman in the video below is pretty…from the outset of the video.  However, the after-effects of her ‘transformation is all we tend to see projected before us.  What gets her to this place of being ‘gorgeous’ remains and unacknowledged/unknown quantity to so many.  In our chase for the ‘gorgeous’, we may have discounted the real nature of beauty.

We all know that the depiction of what is ‘beauty’ produces a dangerously impossible standard for women.  Women, who are healthy and have every reason to be self-confident and comfortable with their sexuality, fall prey to an ideal of physical attractiveness that is artificial…as in unreal!  Unhealthy habits as extreme as bulimia are often born of self-image issues.  I am not simple minded enough to believe that media is the singular cause of image distortion.  However, media is a willing ‘enabler’ of our social dysfunctions!  …and ready and willing to monetize them.

I believe that men are deceived insomuch as their expectations are set by the projection of glowing, square jawed beauty that is camera ready and magazine worthy!  The problem? 

If you can rinse it off, it ain’t really beauty.  Lets not be deceived by commercialism’s tragic magic.  Appreciate that sexual attraction can and should be a more layered experience of what is in as well as outside a person.

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2 Responses to Tragic Magic: A Distortion of Beauty (See Video)

  1. gazetna says:

    thanx alot .

  2. thepurebed says:

    You are welcome.

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