Anatomy of An Erotic Bath

He gathers each item necessary to prepare a romantic and exhilarating bathing experience for his wife. To communicate her value to him, he’s avoided using common things on her this night. He has purchased a luxuriant bubble bath, a beautiful towel set, a wonderfully scented bottle of gel bathing soap and a loofah.
He understands that the bathing experience is made special by more than the bath itself. He’s purchased canned candles, votive and larger well-appointed luminaries. Rose petals will be strewn in and about the tub, floor, and counters. Flowers are also present to transform the familiar bathroom into an unfamiliar spa-like refuge. Of course, he’s burned a CD with wonderfully elegant instrumentals that will appeal to her ears without distracting her mind.Earlier, he purchased an assortment of passion fruit, has cubed and sliced them and placed them in a crystal bowl. In another bowl, he’s placed whipped cream. A long stem glass is at hand to provide a refreshing beverage. Pretty lace napkins will be placed at his reach to provide her as needed. Indeed, before the night is over, he will be feeding her.

He has chosen to wear something simple–a new white crew-neck tee with light khaki shorts and ankle socks. He’s selected a silky robe for her. She won’t need much else. He plans to follow the erotic bath with an equally erotic full body massage.

He’s prepared a pad for himself to place at the side of the tub–providing some comfort for his knees. The water is drawn just the way she likes it. He’s also prepared a beautiful invitation. In part the calligraphic writing reads:

Come let me wash away
The burdens of your harried day
Come be receiving of
The blessings of your husband’s love

At an appointed time, he’ll present the note to her and lead her by the hand into the bathroom. He’ll undress her, gently handle her clothes and softly guide her to the tub. Holding her hand as she acclimates to the water, he’ll allow her to take in the ambiance.   As the sights, scents, sounds and tastes overwhelm her heart, he will kneel at her side.

He will not ask for…nor will he accept discussion of how special his efforts are. Instead, he will ask for her silence as he reads from a list of the 25 reasons he is so very blessed to have her as his wife.

And the rest? …is between the husband and his wife.

Can you (will you) do this?

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