Vagina: Pre-Penetration Preparation

There are many myths concerning the vagina.  One such myth is that a vagina can be ‘stretched’ or become wider due to a lot of sexual activity.  Not true.

However, there are physiological occurrences during sexual arousal that changes the depth and feel of the vagina which should be understood.  These changes can cause a normally tight space to feel more ‘open’ and to more easily accommodate a husband’s erect penis.  Understanding such changes may reinforce the importance of pre-penetration preparation!

Deeper and wider.  When sexually excited (aroused), a woman experiences something called vaginal tenting.  This is the tensing of muscles that pull the uterus upward.  As this occurs, the vaginal opening is lengthened and widened.  The average vaginal opening at rest is, on average, 3-4 inches deep.  When excited, the average vagina becomes 5-6 inches deep.  This allows the vagina to accommodate the average erect penis size which is right at 6 inches.

Additionally, how a husband experiences the vagina will change.  If a man tries to penetrate a non-lubricated (dry) vagina, the tightness is more pronounced–as is the discomfort for her and him, perhaps.  The lack of lubrication threatens vaginal tearing and irritation of the penis head.  Lubrication is important to the safety and pleasure of intercourse for both spouses.  A well lubricated vagina receives an erect penis easily.

Foreplay and general preparation for sexual intercourse are important to a quality lovemaking experience.

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