My Woo-hoo Hurts!

When he penetrates, it hurts.  Why?

Many dear wives experience pain during intercourse and are not sure whether there is a problem that requires medical attention, if there woo-hoos are too small for there hubby’s thingy or if there is some other unknown issue.  (Note: Woo-hoos and thingy refer to the vagina and penis, respectively.)

Truthfully, vaginal pain that is experienced during intercourse can be a number of things.  However, there are some low hanging fruit with which we deal to ensure the basics have been considered.

For instance, marathon sex (sadly, this is probably sex that lasts for more than 10 minutes) can begin well with wife producing natural vaginal lubrication.  As we’ve all experienced, no doubt, waning attention, distraction and fatigue are a few factors that may cause her arousal to ebb and flow.  As this happens, drying occurs.  A dry vagina will become agitated over time with prolonged intercourse.  It may also irritate the husband’s penis head over time.  If she is experiencing pain during intercourse, simply check the vaginal opening and determine if she is dry.  If so, use personal lubricant to remedy the problem.  Married couples of all ages and phases should keep lube handy.  It helps to grease the skids!  (Oooooo!)

Another consideration for vaginal pain during intercourse is deep penetration wherein hubby’s penis is impacting her cervix.  Some women say this feel like a pain in their stomache or abdomen.  Quite simply, deep and hard thrusting may be the issue here.  In such cases, the remedy, again, is simple.  Don’t go deep!  The impact of porn on our sexual culture is the assertion that a ‘real man’ knows how to ‘punish’ the woo-hoo to ensure that a good time is had by all!  Not so.  A skillful lover knows how to practice a disciplined lovemaking technique that delivers pleasure rather than pain.  Hubby should practice thrusting to determine a comfortable depth for her.  And practice makes perfect.

If the pain is persistent and simple fixes don’t bring relief, dear wife should see a physician to explore the possibility of other issues and remedies.   Unaddressed pain during sex may negatively impact dear wife’s dear for sex and her ability to achieve and maintain arousal.

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    very interesting!

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