Our Intimate Choices Marriage Retreat

Retreat site: Pacific Palms Resort
Retreat site: Pacific Palms Resort

The Church, rather Catholic or Protestant, has long struggled to find its voice in promoting the virtue and value of sex while admonishing of its vices.  Over time, there has been the perception that the church is only willing to speak to those vices (adultery, premarital sex, etc.).  In truth, there are those who promote and herald the voice of God concerning positive sexuality in the context of marriage.  However, they are few and access to them may elude many as such conferences and retreats can cost upwards of $1200 and are often too general in their content to permit married Christian couples to gain a foundation that serves them in the long term.  We need more resources that help us answer the questions about how our attitudes and choices align with our faith (is oral sex okay, what does the Bible say about spanking, what if one partner has a greater sex drive than the other,  are sex toys appropriate for Christian couples, etc.).

Our Intimate Choices Marriage Retreatseeks to be such a resource for married Christian couples.  OIC is presented by The Pure Bed, an online resource that provides intimacy products and information to married couples.  OIC is a developing brand that puts action behind the mission of making sure the church maintains a pronounced and comprehensive message on sexuality that extends beyond prohibitions.  We are not interested in listing Biblical dos and don’ts (aside from those explicitly mentioned in scripture).  We want to share scriptural principles and precedences that will allow you to grow your intimate relationships.  What can you expect from the weekend?

  • Fellowship with other Christian couples committed to their faith and nurturing a healthy marriage
  • Facilitated discussions concerning what the Bible says about our sexuality
  • Facilitated exercises that reinforce principles and practices to enhance intimate communication and interactions
  • Terrific accommodations
  • Time to focus on your spouse
  • Our discretion and respect for your privacy

The retreat merges your need for quality time together with your desire to better inform your sexual choices.  The experience is instructive and interactive.  Upon registering, you will receive instructions for arranging a date night to occur during the retreat.  We’ve chosen a well appointed property to host our small gathering.  Two premium restaurants, a newly reconstructed spa and other amenities will transport you to a place of relaxation. 

Join us?  Discover how you can move your marriage to another level of physical and mental intimacy in alignment with your faith.  Acquire the information that God always intended for us to have.  Learn how He speaks to our intimate choices!  more info.

About ThePureBed
Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

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