New Mom at 66, Dead at 69!

Sixty-six year old, Maria del Carmen Bousada of Spain gave birth to twins in December of 2006, one week before her 67th birthday.  She died July 11 of stomach cancer.  She was 69 years old.  The belief is that a nephew will become custodian of the two year old twins.

Question: Was her choice to have children at this late age a moral wrong, if not legal?

Reports are that she’d foregone much of her own life to take care of an ailing mother who lived to be over 100 years old.  Ms. Bousada really wanted children and had gone through menopause without ever conceiving a child.  According to many reports, she told a Los Angeles fertility clinic she was 55, the clinics cutoff age for administering the requisite fertility treatments to enable Bousada to give birth.  The clinic responds that they are not in the habit of asking patients for documentation {passports} to validate their actual age.

Having received hormone treatments for just a few weeks, she was able to conceive.  She would give birth to two boys, Christian and Pau.  It was about the time of birth that a tumor was discovered around her abdomen. 

Maria is reported to have said that her choice to give birth  was, in part, based on a belief that she would have longevity of life like her mom.  It was not to be.  This prompts me to think about how I make my choices.  Can my desire for something be so overwhelming as to utterly crowd out the smallest measure of reason?  And how might my poor choices negatively impact those I love the most.

these questions are not meant to call to judgement Maria Bousada.  It is rather to use this public case to inspire private reflection and personal improvement.

What do you think:  Science enables us to do so much.  Was hers simply a personal choice immune from our critical view OR was hers a moral wrong which visits a negative impact on the greater society?  After all, these are boys who will never know their mother nor their father.   Do such things no longer matter?  Does having an opportunity to grow up with a mom and a dad no longer matter?  Just askin’…

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