Choices (Christian Romance Home Parties) Is Launched!

Choices Consultants will help wives learn while they earn!

Bordenz Enterprises, owner-operators of are launching their direct sales program, Our Intimate Choices Home Parties.  This is truly a unique opportunity for married Christians who might appreciate a fusion between economic opportunity and relevant ministry. 

Choices will principally serve the community of married Christian (all married couples are welcome) with their message of God’s grace and heart for married couples and sexual intimacy.

Earlier this year, an interest list was posted on for wives who would be interest in this unique ministry/business opportunity.  Many have signed up (including some husband-wife teams) to learn more about this program.   Program details become available at  Those who have signed up on the interest list are receiving a username and password to access program details and get an opportunity to join the Choices team!

Choices will operate much as do other adult romance home party plans.  The parties, however, will be hosted by and for married people and include biblical principles that guide our (Christian) intimate choices.  Christians who are averse to porn but are not prudish about sex will find Choices Home Parties to be fun, informative and an environment consistent with their faith in Christ.

Visit for more information.

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Welcome and thanks for giving us a once over! Our blog celebrates and honors sexual intimacy in the context of marriage.

2 Responses to Choices (Christian Romance Home Parties) Is Launched!

  1. I agree, Please see my recent post:
    Are you a Married Christian, and your sex life needs to be spiced up?
    Posted on July 9, 2010 by comeawaymybeloved

    I can relate; my husband and I have agreed on using certain sex toys (novelties) to rekindle and keep the flame going in our marriage. After all, God intended for the marriage bed of a husband and wife to be filled with excitement and fulfillment. We are now experiencing higher levels of intimacy and eroticism. There are so many creative things that spouses can do, (as long as both agree), to keep the sizzle in their sex life. I personally believe that a lot of the extra marital affairs that have been taking place in recent media, and in years past is because couple don’t communicated their deepest desires to one another, and agree to submit to pleasing their mate within a monogamous boundary; by any means that is necessary. I am more than happy to share some of me and my husbands secrets of how to keep your marriage flowing with hot sizzling sex, that will keep the bond between you and your spouse so close. Your reply will be addressed ASAP.


  2. thepurebed says:

    Thank you for your reply to this post. We’re not sure that sexual excitement and fulfillment has monogamy as its only ‘boundary’…for Christian couples. And couples often agree to do things that displease God. We believe that sexual intimacy also resuires a certain amount of discipline so that our choices are consistent with the other purposes of sex: procreation (when able) and relational unity (absolutely essential).

    As purveyors of sex toys and other intimacy aids and products, we certainly agree that these things can enhance lovemaking and romance. However, great sex should be the result of a great relationships. Great relationships don’t necessarily spring from great sex!

    We’re sure you know this.

    Married? Visit us at!

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