5 Practices of Successful Marriages

Couple in FieldSo you say you want to rekindle the flame? Are you looking to jumpstart a marriage that’s fallen into a bit of a rut? Are you concerned that your relationship has taken backseat to the other aspects of your life?  Here are 5 basic practices common to marriages marked by mutual fulfillment, joy, passion and commitment over the long term.

1. COMMUNICATE. Pray, read a book, seek advice from a knowledgeable married elder person in your life. Whatever and however you do it, make sharing and resolving issues a priority in your marriage because that’s the glue that binds hearts together for a lifetime. And remember that a part of communication is active listening. Hear what is said and repeat it in your own words to confirm understanding.

2. BE TOGETHER. How much time have you spent with your spouse…alone? True, this is easier said than done, but you must remember that we prioritize things that are most important to us. Then, we make them happen. Turn off the boob tube, put up the video game, lay down the book. When you make time for one another, you demonstrate how important you are to each other. These are often the most powerful and poignant moments of our marriage.

3. ROMANCE. Forget about the more popular notions of romance, most of which cost money. Write a love letter. Pick flowers from your own garden. Ask her to set aside time to sit down and watch your wedding video together with popcorn. Volunteer to give him a good shoulder massage once the kids are bunkered down. Romance is finding creative ways to ‘show’ your spouse you love them.

4. HAVE SEX. What? Make love. Physical intimacy is an important part of maintaining a healthy marriage as it promotes emotional, relational and spiritual oneness. Sex facilitates the exchange of one of the greatest gifts between a man and woman–our bodies, hearts and minds as a package deal! Be open to hearing and sharing sexual needs. We get better when we know where we can improve and enhance our skills.

5. LAUGH. You are married to your BFF (best friend forever)! Enjoy it. Don’t take yourselves so seriously. Make a point of looking at the ironies and oddities in and about your lives. Make fun of them! Laughter is like medicine to the heart.

Throughout the life of a marriage, people grow and change in unexpected ways. Ideally, couples grow and change together in enough ways to keep the marriage viable and flourishing. The above 5 practices create an environment that gives us the best opportunities for success in marriage.

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