Sex and Booze News

According to a study recently conducted among 3000 British women concerning sex and alcohol, 75 percent of women like a drink or two before sex with their partner.  Scarier, 6 percent of the respondents indicated they’s never had sex while sober.  Is this to make sex more bearable?  Is it to deal with body image issues?  Is alcohol consumption a shortcut to managing sexual inhibitions?  Are British females disproportionately dependent on liquid courage?

The authors of this study (Femfresh) say that the study underscores the tremendous issue of self image among women.  Purportedly, a woman’s inhibitions often stem from a sense that she is not sexually attractive enough and alcohol suppresses those inhibitions enough for her to perform.  Yeah?  Okay…maybe.  Maybe that’s what they say.  I’m not sure we make the most objective and ‘sober’ judges of why we do some of the crazy stuff we do.  I mean, despite the protestations of the church and are own nurtured consciences, too many of us have awakened lying next to someone who represented a tremendous lapse in judgement the night before.

We get that we live in a western culture that promotes assimilation and devalues the spirit, uniqueness and value of what it means to be a woman!  Men crave physical intercourse to promote emotional connection.  Women crave emotional connection to promote physical intercourse.  It is more difficult for the man to satisfy the woman than the reverse.  Maybe alcohol is a false equalizer meant to shortcut us to intimacy.

The tragedy is that 14 percent of the respondents said they still need a drink regularly to be sexually intimate with their partner.  To those who say this is not a big deal, we offer the following:

Sex is mechanics.  An erect penis penetrates a vagina and intercourse ensues.  However, sex for pleasure’s sake (particularly if for only one partner’s pleasure) is animalistic and devoid of anything uniquely human.  We might as well have intercourse with animals…and some do!    Ewwwwwww…

The unique capacity of humans is to experience intimacy such that sex becomes an outward demonstration of emotional, mental and spiritual connection and commitment.  Sex becomes sexual intimacy when partners make a conscience, calculated and purposeful effort to experience one another on multiple levels (physical, spiritual, emotional and mental) selflessly.  Consumption of alcohol dull the senses and is a form of somewhat removing one’s self from the sexual experience.  If intimacy is the act of drawing closer, then the practice of consuming alcohol to enable a greater degree of toleration of sex with one’ s partner is antithetical to intimacy.  It seems unhealthy in every way that matters.

I suppose it is easy to cheapen and surrender easily that which has no value to us!  Just sayin’…marriage means something.  Sex in marriage may be more for those who are willing to consciously and soberly devote the time and energy necessary.

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