Sexcuse Me? surveyed 4000 Brits as to what excuses they use to get out of having sex.  The following represents their top 5.

  1. Too tired
  2. Not in mood
  3. Have to get up early in the morning
  4. Preoccupied with work
  5. Angry with partner

Against conventional wisdom, men polled as giving excuses more often than female respondents.

I suppose we all have those times when we just don’t want to do it.  Assuming there isn’t a frequency to such times, it is perfectly normal to have occasions where you aren’t feeling very sensual or as though you can’t really give yourself to your spouse.  However, it should be noted that rejection hurts.

It is best when turning down a spouse’s initiation of sex that we make ourselves responsible for giving them an alternative time and making sure it happens.  It is equally beneficial to be honest.  If we are tired, then saying we are tired is appropriate.  However, if our sex life is boring or unfulfilling then we should find constructive ways to start conversations that may bring about positive change.

I think we often sense when our partners are being less than transparent.

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