Christian Couples Marriage Retreat

palms lake view

Retreat site: Pacific Palms Resort

The early registration deadline for the Our Intimate Choices Marriage Retreat is fast approaching (Nov. 30).

This year’s retreat is in Southern California.  Future retreats are being considered for Texas and Canada.  The dates and exact locations are yet to be determined.

This retreat is a unique experience for married Christian couples.  We expose the wealth of information that the Bible provides as guidance for a healthy and fulfilling sex life. 

Beyond the platitudes that sex is special and for marriage, OIC will show couples how scriptural principles speak to our common (and not so common) sexual challenges and questions: mismatched libido, withholding sex, managing sexual dysfunction, pornography, depressed sex drive, sexual selflessness vs. selfishness, body image and more.  OIC will speak to the variety of sexual acts about which Christian couples seem to have so many questions: oral sex, anal sex, spanking, fetish, sex toy usage, fantasy and role play and other questions and concerns as anonymously submitted by attendees. 

Attendees will also have an opportunity to meet with my wife and I privately to get advice and guidance on specific issues and concerns.

This January weekend will be a time of renewal and restoration for many.  We plan to also have products available for purchase at a discount and prize giveaways including free night’s stay at the resort, free spa treatments and more.

Visit for more information and to register.  Don’t forget to reserve your resort room!

The TPB Husbands Forum, Our Intimate Choices and are ventures of Bordenz Enterprises, The Marriage Company.

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2 Responses to Christian Couples Marriage Retreat

  1. Ken Kendall says:

    This looks like a great retreat.

    I write a blog about marriage and how men can better love their wives. I hope you will take a look when you have a chance. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments.


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